euroforum:communication 2005

            "enough is not enough"

pan European meeting of creative business & networking
12 April 2005 @ Viennese Exhibition and Confernce Center

Opportunities Together: The Way to New European Creative Excellence

Europe is growing: territorially, economically, regarding its content and its communication. The New Europe is communicative, innovative and creative. This is the strength of a common development and the future economic success. Europe is different: independent in its creativity as well as in its communication and its advertising. As it happens in Vienna: on the way to excellence. That's why the euroforum:communication 2005 says: enough is not enough. European communication and the European communication industry should go forward: more intensive, more creative, and more efficient. Because enough is simply not enough. The common opportunities open new ways to new European communication.

The ecc05 presented by the Professional Institute of Advertising and Market Communication Vienna and the creative and innovative Vienna economic companies focuses on European trends and trendsetter and the future of the communication industry 2005 in several meetings.

For the first time, the ecc05 presented by the Professional Institute of Advertising and Market Communication Vienna consists of a series of preliminary meetings, a congress day and an ecc-academy-day with workshops.

Target groups of the event are communication and advertising industries of Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia and Bulgaria. Centre of attention are European trends, best practices, cooperation in New Europe and their implementation in daily agency business.

Let's get on the way to European communication excellence!

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To render possible a broad participation at the unique opportunities of new Europe 2005 for participation in the lectures after previous registration. As long as available space will last.

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The congress is hosted by the Professional Association of the Federal Economic Chamber of Vienna as the specialist organization for advertisement and market communication. The meeting is organised by the team of the advertising agency Maric & Rinaldin under the direction of Konrad Maric, the Representative of the Professional Association Advertising Industry and Market Communication (international affairs), assigned by the Austrian advertising industry.

euroforum:communication takes place at the same time with the Publica05 in the Viennese Exhibition and Confernce Center.