The Gunn Report


13th April 2005 @ Viennese Exhibition and Conference Center

hosted by:

After the pre-presentation at the Golden Drum (without award winners 2004) and the presentation in London and at GWA in Germany we succeeded in bringing the Gunn Report to Vienna, too.

The presentation of the Gunn Report in the Marketing Arena is an event of the Institute of Advertising Industry and Market Communication of the Viennese Chamber of Commerce.

Introduced by Austrian advertisers Donald Gunn will guide through the world of advertising awards for 90 minutes - the "Gunn Report" - showing uniquely what makes the difference to topquality in advertising.

Introduction by:

  • President of Institute of Advertising of the Federal Economic Chamber Vienna
  • Hans-Jörg Manstein, President International Advertising Association
  • Tibor Barci, President Creative Club Austria
  • Johannes Newrkla, CEO Bluetango and President Art Directors Club Europe

The famous GUNN-Report presentd by

Donald Gunn

founder of Gunn Report, former Creative Director Worldwide Leo Burnett, ex-CEO of Cannes

"Do award-winning commercials sell?"

The Gunn Report is the most important report in the advertising industry. It is created annually of the analyses of all relevant advertising awards (national, regional, and global). "Who has made it into the Gunn Report, has made it", James Best, President of EACA, affirms.

Donald Gunn will present the Gunn Report, its structure, the do´s and dont´s of creativity, and the winners of the "creative excellence" in a varying show, in which the audience can also give their votes and subsequently get to know why certain decisions were taken and where the crux of top-level creativity is to be found.